Case Study: Suprex Learning

"Exceptional service because I saw some results in the beginning early on. Reviewvio did a great job of removing a couple of negative reviews. They did a great job of that in just a few months, and I was happy to see that with the invested value. It was definitely a value-added service."
AJ Saleem
Director, Suprex Learning

About the company

Suprex Learning is a private tutoring company serving the greater Houston area and other cities across the U.S. like Illinois, New York, and California.  Most of their clients are in-home learning clients.

Suprex Learning has the best local tutors and has helped students from all grade levels and subjects achieve their educational goals. We pride ourselves in personable service and building a relationship with our students, along with providing our clients with the best local tutors. Suprex Learning has proven to be a leader in the academic support industry, providing affordable and quality tutoring and coaching.

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The Challenge

Suprex Learning was interested in managing and monitoring their current online reputation and capturing more online reviews to help them grow their business.  They also wanted to remove a couple of reviews that they felt were defamatory and didn’t tell the actual customer experience that Suprex is known for. 

Before working with Reviewvio, the management of online reviews was more of a manual task, going in and out of several review sites to make sure they were operational and business information was up to date.  Removing defamatory reviews was daunting and time-consuming.  Suprex learning wanted to focus on providing exceptional customer experiences, so they were looking to Reviewvio to automate reputation management and monitoring and automate the challenge process to have reviews removed from sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp in the event that the review violated terms of service or was defamatory in its language. In addition to removing fake reviews, they wanted to capture new reviews from their customers.  This was also a very manual process, and while they had a great approach to capture recent reviews, they were also looking at ways to improve this process.

The Solution

Reviewvio and Suprex teamed up to bring reputation management to the forefront.  Suprex signed on for several solutions; Review Removal, Reputation Management, and Review Generation.  


The goal was to remove defamatory reviews that violated the review site’s terms of service agreements.  They also wanted to generate more customer reviews to showcase the authentic customer experience and keep an eye on all the reviews they collected across several different review sites.  For Suprex, time is money, and they needed Reviewvio to automate some of these processes so they could focus on growing the business.


Business Value Derived

Within just a couple of months, Reviewvio removed a negative review blocking an additional $2000-$3000.  By eliminating a defamatory review, Suprex yielded a 1000% percent return on their investment with Reviewvio.  Because of this value add, Suprex has continued to use Reviewvio to manage and monitor their online reputation and capture new reviews, all in the name of growing their business and sharing their customer experience.

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