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In 3 Clicks, Generate 100's of 5 Star Reviews

Sync your GMail and Apple contacts with Reviewvio to send experience surveys via SMS and Email to all of your contacts that turn into 5 star reviews ! Upload customer lists, send scheduled marketing messages and more! 

SMS Capabilities

Prevent negative reviews and capture positive reviews through SMS in 3 clicks! 

  • Custom messages
  • Send individual or upload customer list
  • Sync with GMail and Apple contacts

Email Experience Surveys

Email experience surveys direct from the Reviewvio app! Positive experience gets shared with Review sites and negative feedback gets sent directly back to your business for internal review

  • Craft your own message
  • Single message or upload list
  • Sync with GMail and Apple contacts
Review Prevention & Capture 5-Star Reviews | ReviewVio

Remove Negative Reviews Permanently

And Prevent 90% of Future Negative Reviews

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REMOVE negative content online from major review sites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor

PREVENT 90% of new negative reviews from occurring and…

CAPTURE new positive reviews for over 1,000 businesses across the U.S. and Canada

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"ReviewVio is the only company that successfully helped us clean up our online reputation - from removing negative reviews to increasing our positive online reviews."
Josh T.
CDO, Aurora Capital
“The team at ReviewVio did a great job for us. We had three bad reviews online that were damaging our online reputation. They got to work and one by one the reviews were removed.”
Bernard G
Owner, Fairbanks Pharmacy & Med Spa